November 2019

Pilot tests – How to plan your test preparation


As soon as you receive your invitation to an airline's selection test, time runs out. You should use this time as much as possible to prepare for the tests. So here I'll show you how I prepared for my pilot tests, alongside my full-time job.

What do you need?

Even if I provide you with all information about the pilot's profession and all links to further information, you cannot avoid certain additional aids for an optimal exam preparation.


There are a number of preparation books which contain almost all the tests that will be taken during the selection tests.


In one of the following lessons you will find a very good software, which I also used for preparation. Since each airline uses slightly different tests, there are also different software packages that prepare you optimally for the respective selection tests of an airline. Meanwhile the software is so good that physics and technical understanding can also be trained with it.

How much time do you have?

How many days or weeks do you have left until your test days? Unfortunately, we waste far too much time a day. That's why we plan your time sensibly and, above all, with foresight. Use your time to the test sensibly.

Make your plan!

So that you can prepare yourself as well as possible, it doesn't help that I write everything down and show you the best books and training software. You have to learn by yourself. I've written down a few questions for you to ask yourself. Our brain learns better in certain situations than in others. Every person is different. So answer the following questions yourself and create your learning plan.

  • When is the best time to learn?
  • Where do you learn best?
  • At what time of day do you learn best?
  • Which tests are good for you and which do you need to practice more?
  • Which dates can destroy your planning?

You should also think about when you will arrive for the tests. Usually you will have to make a longer trip to the test center. I would arrive early in the afternoon the day before. Then you will have enough time to acclimatize, calm down and get enough sleep. Also plan what you will eat and drink during the tests. Usually you will have to take care of it yourself.

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