Hey, my name is Fabian. On this page you will find out everything about my way into an airliner cockpit. My path never went straight. Today I am very proud because I have tried a lot and appreciate my current job even more.

In my youth, I built remotely controlled model aircraft. I drew the plans for this on a DIN-A4 sheet. All this, of course, during the lesson, rather than attentively following the lesson. In the afternoon I sat down at the desk and built the airplanes out of wood instead of doing the homework. But that doesn't mean that you should do this too.

But I've been following what I enjoy back then. I can only recommend that to everyone. Otherwise, you won't enjoy the pilot job either.

After school I first studied mechanical engineering in combination with an apprenticeship as a technical draughtsman. It was only during my studies that I discovered my enthusiasm for the pilot job.

Fabian Hoffritz

So I applied to Lufthansa after my studies and was taken. The way to the cockpit could not be shorter, but due to unfortunate circumstances, the training period extended from two years to a total of three and a half years. In addition, I was not hired immediately, but had to wait another year and a half.

In January 2017 I started flying as First Officer on the Dash 8 400. This is a very modern turbine-powered propeller plane. Since August 2019 I have changed airlines and now fly an Airbus A320.

As you can see, not only my way to flying is anything but straightforward, but also the training and the way to the cockpit does not always go according to plan. But in order to find the best way for you, I would like to offer you all sorts of help on this platform so that you can find your way into an airliner cockpit.

Best regards

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