Now you too can live your dream as a pilot.

Take off and land several times a day. The sound of the engines sounds like music to your ears. You experience the world from above and watch the sun set in a romantic sunset. In my ebook I show you how you can become a pilot in a simple step.

Hey, I'm Fabian...

... and I'm an airline pilot. On Airucate I'll show you how to become an airline pilot yourself.

Flying is a world of its own with its own terms and rules.

With my ebook "Direct to Pilot" I show you the way to the airline cockpit.

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A few ways I can help you!

I want to help you get into an airline cockpit.

How to become a pilot?

You want to know what the way into the cockpit really looks like? Here you will find out how to do it.

Which pilot license?

You want to have a pilot license, but you don't really know how to get one? Find out which pilot license is important to you, what it costs and how to get it.

Which flight school?

You want to get started, but you need a flight school? Find out how to find the right flight school for you.

The Blog

Aviation knowledge explained understandably

Also in my blog I always give you exciting insights into the aviation. I prepare special topics especially elaborately for you, so that you get a better insight.

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