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More safety for future airline pilots


How to become an airline pilot, finance the training and get a job with an airline

  • You have more security as you become an airline pilot
  • You have maximum clarity about your career and funding
  • You are confident in choosing the right flight school

* Note: Actually this book should cost at least 297 €. This is less than 2 hours of flight training. The tips and knowledge will save you much more. But you get it today for only 27 €. The offer is only available for a short time. If you hesitate, this promotion may be over.

  • Du hast mehr Sicherheit wie du Pilot bei einer Airline wirst
  • Du hast maximale Klarheit über deine Karriere und die Finanzierung
  • Du bist dir sicher in der Wahl der richtigen Flugschule

For whom was this book written?

For future airline pilots, prospective student pilots & student pilots in training

Attention: This book is not for amateur pilots.
It is for all those who have the clear goal of
to become an airline pilot.


This book can decide whether you become an airline pilot or never get to live your dream. I've Seen Dreams Crashed. To prevent that from happening to you, to eliminate chance and maximize your chances by benefiting from insider knowledge and avoiding mistakes, here's what you'll learn:

  • DYou'll learn what airlines really use to select their pilots, giving you the confidence to increase your chances of becoming an airline pilot.
  • You have clarity about how you can finance the training and what you must pay attention to in order to avoid insolvency. Not all financing makes sense. Know the alternatives.
  • Learn which licenses you really need, what they cost, how to get them and what you are allowed to do with them. This is important to know because airlines have different requirements.
  • You save time and money because you learn how to choose the best flight school for you and at the same time you have less costs.
  • You are on the safe side with your decisions because you have learned from the experiences and mistakes of other pilots.


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Clarify requirements & acquire the right licenses

  • Find out what you need to know to become an airline pilot so that you can be hired by an airline. (from page 44)
  • Find out if you meet the medical fitness for airline pilots. (from page 60)
  • Know the licenses you need to work in an airline cockpit and how to get them. (from page 70)
Level 1

Trained from pedestrian to airline pilot

  • Which training paths are open to you and which path is best for you, so that you decide on the right flight school. (from page 99)
  • Avoid the mistakes in the selection process and how to best prepare to maximize your chances. (from page 108)
  • How you are trained for scheduled service with an airline and what financial risks you may face here. (from page 150)

Full cost control & customized financing

  • Know all the hidden costs of training and the different training paths so you can keep your costs under control. (starting on page 164)
  • The solution to getting your education financed because you know your options. (starting on page168).
  • You avoid the expensive mistakes that many student pilots make and ruin themselves financially because you learn what to look for. (from page 171)

Reaching the next career level

  • The four factors that determine what your career looks like and how to make it work for you. (from page 177)
  • How the choice of airline and different career models decide your career without you being able to influence it. (from page 180)
  • Captain in 3 years is a false expectation. You learn what really matters so that you become a captain. (from page 185)

Everything under control

  • How safe the job of an airline pilot is and what influence developments in the industry will have on your future job. (from page 197)
  • Exclusive insights into rostering and what your dream job really looks like on a day-to-day basis. (starting on page 200)
  • The 6 biggest risks you face in your airline career and what impact they have so you can counteract them. (from page 228)


1. Unemployed despite the right flight license

Thousands of student pilots have gone through the training, but only sit on their debts and will never sit in the airline cockpit. To make sure this doesn't happen to you, you need to know what is important as an airline pilot and what the airlines' selection criteria are.

Reason 1
Reason 2

2. The reality of working conditions worldwide

Our world is changing. The airline industry has been changing for decades. However, working conditions are getting worse, not better. The image of pilots in society has long been out of step with reality. In the e-book, you will learn how everyday life looks, how family and friends are compatible and how you can really be satisfied in your job.

3. The pilot may not be necessary in the future

Already today, the pilot is more there to monitor the systems than to fly. The workplace will change even more. With costs of over 80,000€ for the training, you should know beforehand how your future job will change.

Reason 3
Reason 4

4. Only when you know your options, you can make good decisions.

There are several ways to get into the airline cockpit. Learn about all the options so you can make the right decisions for you and have a clear vision of your career.

5. More than 10 years of insider knowledge from the airline industry

Where do you want to get objective insider knowledge? In this e-book, I share with you all my experiences and tips from over 10 years in the airline industry.

Reason 5


Fabian Rannersberger

My name is Fabian and I am an airline pilot. But I was also an average student who only had the dream of flying.
After studying mechanical engineering, I started my training at Lufthansa's flight school and have been an airline pilot since 2017, having been with different airlines and flown different aircraft.

I share all my experiences with you in my personally written e-book, so you can live your dream too. It's super important to me that you have this insider knowledge before you even start training, so you can build your pilot career on a solid foundation.

I wish I had this knowledge before I started my training. Unfortunately, no one told me all that. That's why it's a personal concern of mine to speak plainly to you and give you more security for your pilot career.


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Who should get the e-book

The following people should definitely get this e-book:

  • you have the firm dream of becoming an airline pilot
  • you are still thinking whether the job of an airline pilot is something for you
  • you are about to or in PPL training or already have a license, but your firm goal is to become an airline pilot.

Will this work for me?

Definitely. With the knowledge from the book, you'll always be on the safe side when it comes to pilot training because you'll avoid all the pitfalls and extra costs.

Is my data safe?

We treat your data confidentially and discreetly at all times. All data is encrypted and stored on secure servers. The EU General Data Protection Regulation applies.

What is the catch? Are there any hidden costs?

Neither. You will receive the e-book immediately after your order an email with a link to download the e-book as a PDF. The e-book is only 27€ if you order today and that's it. No subscription or anything else. Read the e-book, apply the things that are there, and then I'm excited to hear your career story.

Do I sign up for a subscription?

No. There is no subscription or hidden cost behind this e-book

How long does it take to ship?

Shipping is immediate - you'll receive your copy as an e-book in just a few minutes.

How does the shipping work?

The book will be sent via email - using your email address. With your access data you can then log in and read the book online or download it.


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  • First edition with 220 pages of concentrated know-how
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The conclusion

This e-book speaks plain language and provides clarity for you on your way to your dream job. You will have more confidence in choosing your flight school because you know exactly what matters. This e-book is THE GUIDE for you to your goal of becoming an airline pilot. With the knowledge in this book, you'll get there faster because you'll be able to make the right decisions at the right time because you'll understand what airlines are looking for in their pilots. So now there's just one last question....

How do you decide...

Option #1

  • You are at a disadvantage when it comes to airline screenings because you don't know what they really use to select their pilots.
  • You can not rate a flight school and therefore not their offers
  • You accept financing that can put you in bankruptcy because you don't know the risks but also the alternatives and possibilities.

Option #2

  • During the airline screenings, you know what is important and act accordingly, so that you have a better chance of becoming an airline pilot.
  • You are able to evaluate a flight school and also whether the training costs are in proportion to the job opportunities.
  • You choose the right financing for you, you know what risks you take and what mistakes you avoid because you know the risks and your options.


Be on the safe side if you want to become an airline pilot.

Safe for

only 27€



*For a short time only: Secure first edition before all others for only 27€ and best of all: DIRECT shipping*.