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Why we do not crash in turbulence?

Many passengers embark on a plane with a low feeling as soon as the wind blows a little stronger. Then many assume that it will shake very much and the plane may crash. But if you explain to them why it is wiggling and how the plane deals with it, this bounce feeling often goes away.Are […]

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Why is a hard landing a good landing?

 Some landing passengers are hardly recognized, while others are so hard that some believe the plane would be broken now. Are you also one of the passengers who judge the landing how gently a pilot puts the plane on the runway? Then read on and find out the real reasons behind a good landing.  What factors […]

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Why are aircrafts never fully fueled?

Who often drives long distances by car, you normally fully refueling the car before the trip. By contrast, aircraft are almost never fully fulled. Only in very rare cases is the tank full. Why is that? Aircraft have the tank in the wings and some additionally installed in the fuselage. If it is a larger […]

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Why does not every airplane have oxygen masks

Anyone who has ever sat in an airplane knows the nice announcements of the flight attendants, who demonstrate the safety instructions on board at the same time. The oxygen mask that would fall from the ceiling in an unlikely event of a cabin pressure loss are also demonstrated there. Very important! “Put on the mask yourself […]

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Strong wind is even safer for planes

Strong winds are predicted and you want to get on a plane. Is that really a good idea? I tell you now why strong, steady wind is even better for take-off and landing planes. Typically, planes always take off and land against the wind. There are only few exceptions to start with tailwind. With just […]

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Why is the table of an Airbus also highly complex

SATIRE: “Airbuses are extremely complex aircraft, regardless of type or series. Therefore, pilots are familiarized only with the most important systems. Many technical facilities are not included in the manual. We want to present one of these unknown systems here. This is the technique behind the folding tables in the cockpit. Pilots of conventional aircraft […]

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