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Pilot salary – How much do pilots make

In many countries, the profession of pilot is still regarded as one of the best paid jobs. You can also watch pilots’ lifestyles on social media. But what do pilots earn? What is the pilot’s salary?How much money do pilots make?The following links will give you a lot of information about pilot salaries worldwide and […]

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Pilot tests – How to plan your test preparation

As soon as you receive your invitation to an airline’s selection test, time runs out. You should use this time as much as possible to prepare for the tests. So here I’ll show you how I prepared for my pilot tests, alongside my full-time job.What do you need?Even if I provide you with all information […]

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Pilot tests – What awaits you?

As soon as you want to earn your money as a pilot, you will be faced with your first pilot tests. No matter which airline you apply to, you will always have to pass an assessment. The dreaded pilot tests are then part of the recruitment process.Every airline has its own pilot tests. Nevertheless, there […]

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